Ben Gotow

Ben Gotow

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Username * bengotow
Country * USA
City Blacksburg


Availability: student


I'm a senior in high school and have been a member of the CG Society for about a year now. I discovered 3D animation in the middle of last year and produced my first animated short, The Little Robot, a few months later. Since then, I've begun doing small contract jobs for a local studio called Next Level Media.

I love to work in 3D, but I'm a programmer and designer at heart. I was introduced to the cocept of programming at an early age, and have become fluent in more than a dozen languages. Most of my work is in Objective C , the language of Cocoa for Mac OS X. In addition, I code in RealBasic, Java, and ActionScript.

In the past few years I have also learned PHP, mySQL, and Javascript. I recently finished work on, a fully dynamic site for the photography department at my high school. Check it out! Visit my site at for a complete resume and site list.